About Us

HillingdonArtists is a new kind of arts organisation for visual artists in Hillingdon.

No matter what sort of involvement you have in the arts, full or part-time, the HillingdonArtists group is for you!  The membership extends to all areas of the visual arts, so you could be a painter, calligrapher, jeweller, woodworker….

We do not meet at regular times like other art societies, so joining us does not prevent you from also belonging to “normal” societies, which meet once a week or once a fortnight for communal art-making or demonstrations, and several of our members do indeed belong to one or more of such societies.

Our members are engaged all the time in various exhibitions, locally or elsewhere. The group puts on its own exhibitions several times a year in the local area, when a few of us will come together to show our work. We try to support each other and promote each other’s work.

Our main platform for showcasing our work is on-line, via our website and social media. In addition, many of the individual artists have their own websites, and we provide links to all of those.

The organisation aims to:

  • Provide on-line information about the artists, their work, and opportunities they are interested in pursuing
  • Encourage artists of all disciplines, amateur or professional, to exchange ideas and information
  • Promote accessibility to the visual arts in Hillingdon by seeking new ways for artists to engage with the public
  • Encourage the provision of good quality public and private exhibition spaces in the Borough
  • Encourage the development of the arts community and opportunities for art practitioners in the Borough
  • Provide opportunities for members to meet and discuss issues
  • Provide newsletter updates on items of interest to its members

Membership of HillingdonArtists

All those living or working in the London Borough of Hillingdon who are actively involved in the arts, professionally or voluntarily, are warmly welcomed as members of the Organisation.